On May 13, 2012, the AIS Library was moved from its location in Silverton, Oregon, to Molalla, Oregon. It is located in a rental property in the upstaris loft. There is more room which was much needed. Plotner, family members, and Dave Silverberg (the newly appointed in late 2011 AIS Librarian taking over from Tracy Plotner due to illness) moved the Library.

Also proposed in 2013 at the AISF meeting was the need for a name for the Library. Also discussed in relationship to the Library was the accession and deaccession policies. A committee with Ron Kosner (Chairman), Will Plotner, Dave Silverberg, Gary White and Jim Morris is working on this project. The funding for this Library comes from the Sid DuBose Trust income, rather than from the Foundation general funds.

library before 01 library before 02 library before 03

Above are three pictures before the move from Silverton to Molalla, Oregon. There were measurements to be taken, decisions to be made, and final board approval before the move progressed. Then on May 13, 2012, Will Plotner, a couple of family members, and Dave Silverberg moved into the above location.

The address to this American Iris Society Library is 15 E. Main Street, Suite 10, Molalla, Oregon, 97038. This is in the upstairs suite.

entrance from street stairs to library Bench in Foyer

The first picture is the Entrance to the Library from the Street (Parking Lot). The second picture show the staircase and an elegant wire frame with a lock protecting the Library contents. And the third picture is around the corner from the top of the stairs giving a comfortable feeling leading to the library's entrance.


Above is the signage that appears at the entrance to the Library files and cabinets. Note the name of the Library says The American Iris Society Research Library. This is a proposed Library name.

catalogue files 01 AIS Bulletins registration forms more file cabinets

The first photograph is a row of catalogue files which are filled to capacity. The second photo are all one copy of AIS Bulletins. There are more than one file of these Bulletins available in the Library. The third photo are all Registration forms. And the fourth picture is more drawers, cabinets and files. The room is much larger than the area in Silverton, and the space at the new location in Molalla is being used wisely, but even a larger place in the future will be much appreciated.

Letters McGarvey Breeding records Book with Dykes etc

These pictures are a closer inspection of property in the Library. For example, there is a volume collection labeled Letters -- Iris Growers, Fanciers, and Hybridizers.

In the center, there is a photo of McGarvey Breeding Records. And on the Right is a snapshot from a large box of Fragile items saying: 1. Book of Genus Iris, WR Dykes, 2. Framed B/W Photo, Beverly Sills (signed "to Bev with a Big Hug") 3. Study of Judging points for spuria iris -- and Photo by Sid DuBose with text and composition by Ben Hager.

As you can probably guess, there is a wide assortment of items stored in the AIS Library, and sorting through box after box has not been completed.

office area

Above is a shot of the working office area in the Library. Dave Silverberg has the task of keeping records of all property within the Library, making scans and printouts of information requested by patrons, unpacking and storing valuable property sent to the Library.

Award Cups Nies Cup Ben Hager Plaque

Above are more examples of property stored in the AIS Library. There are numerous cups like in the first photo, the Nies Cups like in the second photo, and plaques like the Ben Hager plaque in the third photo.

Mr. Silverberg has a large task ahead of himself -- that of opening numerous boxes from Sid DuBose and Ben Hager. These boxes occupy a large area in the corner of the Library and many cabinets need to be purchased before the opening of these boxes.
Dubose and Hager hats

This was my favorite exhibit in the Library -- the hats of Sid DeBose and Ben Hager. I can almost imagine them wearing these hats while in their garden working among the iris bloom. I appreciated Dave sharing these hats with me.

exiting the library

This is the end of our AIS Library tour. If you are ever in the Portland -- Salem, Oregon area, you might want to travel to Molalla by way of Highway 214/211 off the I-5 Interstate. Give Mr. Silverberg a call ahead and I'm sure he will graciously give you a tour of the Library.