Incorporated in August 1971 in the State of Missouri, the AIS Foundation was approved in November 1972 as an organization which is not a private foundation, thereby making gifts or bequests tax-deductible on donors' income or estate tax returns. In the belief that a completely informed public will be a supporting public, we present here the questions most frequently arising, with the answers, concerning the Foundation.

1. Question: What are the purposes of AISF?

1. Answer: In general, they are to foster, encourage, and sponsor scientific and educational research in the improvement of the genus Iris and the stimulation of widespread interest therein. They may include the doing of any and all things necessary or incidental to the accomplishment of these aims. Examples are:

Publication of literature for the adventure of iris breeding, culture, use, or study; financing research of a depth and scope necessary to provide solutions to problems in prevention and control of diseases and pests; recognition of outstanding productive service in iris study and education; means and facilities for carrying forward approved programs in the promotion of iris interest; housing of resources at the library and science center on behalf of AIS; and many others. Actually, the projects that can be carried out are limited only by the resources available. Much information can be obtained from the AIS Library.

2. Question: Where does the money come from to support the Foundation?

2. Answer: From donations, gifts, contributions, or bequests by people who are interested in Irises.

3. Question: Why is there a need for the Foundation? Couldn't the American Iris Society perform the same functions?

3. Answer: The Foundation does not operate under the same base as the AIS. While both the Foundation and the AIS are tax exempt organizations under 501(c)(3), the AIS operates under a wide scope of activities while the goals of the Foundation are more specific and restricted.

4. Question: Who administers the affairs of the Foundation?

4. Answer: The Board of Trustees from whom normally are elected a President/Chairman, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer. The composition of the Board is listed in an earlier section.

5. Question: What assurances are there that the affairs of AISF will be administered strictly in accordance with all

5. Answer: Primarily, a bonded Secretary/Treasurer is the only person who will handle money. Secondly, the Internal Revenue Service is extremely watchful to assure that all activities (income and expenditures) conform with IRS regulations. Any change from IRS procedures could result in immediate loss of tax exempt status. Finally, the Board of Trustees is composed of members whose sound business judgment and dedication to iris betterment has been proven by past performance and any replacement to the Board must be of the same caliber.

6. Question: What is the immediate, specific plan for the use of funds already received and now being received?

6. Answer: This question relates to the formation of the Foundation in 1971, whose initial project was to assist the AIS in publishing a revision of Garden Irises (published in 1979 as The World of Irises). When an adequate monetary reserve had been achieved, consideration was given to the establishment of educational scholarships, research grants, publication or other needed treatises or studies, and similar programs. Additional information on Foundation projects may be found under the Projects Section of this web site.

7. Question: How much and how often should I contribute?

7. Answer: Obviously, the number of projects the Foundation will be able to fund is in direct proportion to the generosity and frequency of the gifts. We do not want any individual to feel embarrassed by what might seem to be a small contribution. The amount of your gift will not be made public in any manner. One fact should not be overlooked. Your donation is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) and the larger the donation, the greater tax benefit you receive. We hope you will add the Foundation to the list of organizations you honor and support with your contributions.

8. Question: How do I contribute to the Foundation?

8. Answer: Mail your gift to:

The American Iris Society Foundation
Jill Bonino, Secretary/Treasurer
3110 Kirkland Drive
Glendale, CA 91206