Walther House
This is the Barbara Walther House -- three stories, double car garage on the
right side which has been used for equipment storage and for rhizome sales.

Bulletin Board Meeting Room Gift Shop
Bulletin Board
1st Floor
Meeting Room
1st Floor
Gift Shop
1st Floors
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Board of Directors
Board of Directors -- Presby Gardens

Staircase to 3rd floor Garden Books Data Base
Staircase to the
3rd floor.
Garden Books Data Base Terminal for the information in the
Gardens at Presby
Bed Books Catalogues Catalogues 02
Bed Books
of Iris Plantings
Catalogues and
More Catalogues
and Booklets

New Garden Sign
New Garden Sign at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Gardens 01 Gardens 03 Gardens 02
Pictures of the Iris Beds at Presby Gardens