American Iris Society

Bob Hollingworth
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We would like to encourage anyone who has an idea for research or education about irises that fits within the broad goals to submit a proposal for funding. The Foundation typically can invest up to $20,000 per year in projects that support its goals.

It is important to note that the Foundation will, except in extraordinary circumstances, invest only the interest from its endowments in support of its goals. The Foundation intend to maintain the principal of these endowments as a perpetual source of support for its activities.


Proposals should clearly describe the objectives and significance of the work to be supported, provide enough detail of the methods and approaches to allow assessment of its feasibility, outline the time-frame for its completion, and describe how it is expected to forward the goals of the Foundation. Where appropriate, a curriculum vitae or other evidence of the capabilities of the applicant to conduct the work shoudl be provided.

It is expected that a report on the use of the funds will be submitted to the Foundation upon completion of the project and that significant scientific findings will be published in a timely fashion. Part of the award may be withheld until reports and/or manuscripts are received by the Foundation. Prior discussion with one of the Foundation Officers regarding the suitability of the concept and proposed funding level is encouraged.

Proposals may be submitted to the Chairman/President at any time.

Examples of projects funded by AISF over many topics relevant to the genus iris -- including iris genetics, taxonomy, the collecltion of new species and iris cultivars including the control of pathogens and other pests. Over the years, grants have been issued to top reseachers and educational institutions throughout the United States as well as intenationally. AISF also supports the AIS Library through the Evelyn Jones Memorial Library Fund. The Foundation also funds the Ackerman Youth Essay contest.